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Our Rabbis

Rabbi Moshe Davis

Rabbi Moshe Davis is originally from Chicago and relocated to Charleston from Houston, TX where he held leadership positions for four years. Upon his arrival to Houston in 2008, he served as the Assistant Rabbi of United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston (UOS), a congregation of 350 members.  At UOS he taught classes, delivered sermons and officiated at lifecycle events, but most notably, ran innovative adult education and teen programming.

Rabbi Davis received his BA in psychology, MS in Jewish education as well as rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University. Additionally, he has completed advanced training on the laws of Jewish Family Purity from Machon Puah in Jerusalem and outreach training at Ner Le’Elef. Rabbi Davis is married to Ariela, an experienced Jewish educator, who has taught Judaic studies on the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels in both the US and Israel.  Ariela received her BA in Journalism from Stern College for Women, her MS in Jewish education from Azrieli Graduate School for Jewish Education and was a fellow at a joint program between Midreshet Lindenbaum and Hebrew University.  Her areas of academic interest include the development of Jewish Law as well as Holocaust studies.

Rabbi Davis has been involved in social action organizations, following the Talmudic dictum kol Yisrael Areivim zeh bazeh, all Jews are responsible for one another.  He hopes to inspire within his congregation ahavat yisael, ahavat hatorah and ahavat Hashem, a love of the Jewish people, a love of Torah and a love of the Almighty.

Rabbi and Ariela Davis are the proud parents of Yaelle, Elisheva, Adiel and Doniel.

Rabbi Moshe Davis  |  rabbidavis@bsbisynagogue.com  |  843-577-6599 ext. 2


Rabbi Kivi Attar

F-29Rabbi Kivi Attar and his wife, Emmy, joined us last fall. Rabbi Attar recently completed his Rabbinic Leadership courses at the prestigious Ohr Lagolah Yeshiva in Jerusalem, under the auspices of the Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel.
Rabbi Attar worked closely with young adults from across the globe. He and his wife, Emmy, led trips for unaffiliated youths throughout Israel.

Rabbi Attar adds to our community with his energetic personality and a love for all Jews. His hobbies include, travelling the world to visit Jewish Communities, bargain shopping and spending time with his family.

Emmy Attar is the proud mother of two beautiful little boys, Baruch and Abie. Originally from Baltimore Emmy is a Balabusta’s Balabusta. An expert at hosting and an amazing chef, Emmy’s Shabbat meals are always a treat to be desired.

Emmy brings warmth to our community with her effervescent smile and her willingness to lend a helping hand or ear whenever needed. Besides for being a great mother and Kivi’s support staff, Emmy is simultaneously taking courses with the goal of becoming a Radiation Therapist.

If you haven’t joined the Attar’s for a Shabbat be sure to reach out now.

Don’t be shy, give them a call!

Rabbi Kivi Attar  |  rabbiattar@bsbisynagogue.com  |  843-577-6599 ext. 6