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Daily and Shabbat Services

Daily and Shabbat Services

We have services daily, as well as Shabbat and on Holidays. Please check the calendar for up-to-date times.

Daily, Shabbat and Holiday services are held at BSBI Synagogue, 182 Rutledge Avenue.

Shabbat and Holiday services are also held at BSBI Synagogue’s satellite minyan, located 2.4 miles away in West Ashley. The BSBI Minyan House is located at 8 Lord Ashley Drive, Charleston, SC 29407.

Shabbat Service Times
Friday, September 19th
Shacharit                7:00 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv      7:00 pm
Candle Lighting      7:02 pm

Saturday, September 20th
Shacharit                9:00 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv      6:20 pm
Havdalah                7:56 pm

Weekday Service Times for September 21st – September 26th
Sunday                          8:00 am
Monday – Wednesday   7:00 am
Thursday – Friday          9:00 am

Sunday – Tuessday      5:40 pm
Wednesday – Friday     7:00 pm

Wednesday, Erv Rosh Hashana  6:56 pm
Thursday, Rosh Hashana            7:49 pm
Friday, Rosh Hashana II              6:53 pm