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Shabbat HaGadol

NEW TIME:  Friday Mincha will be 6:15PM, and dinner will begin at 7:15PM

Pesach Seder

Community Purim Seudah

Youth Mega Event

February 26 Shabbat Dinner

Prepare to be marveled and experience Friday night Shabbat dinner like never before!  Enjoy a full Shabbat meal with traditional dining hall seating while an ancient story of mystery and intrigue unravels on stage. Shabbat Dinner 1 Person $22.00 USD2 People $44.00 USD3 People $66.00 USD4 People $88.00 USD5 People $110.00 USD6 People $132.00 USD

Shabbat Dinner January 22

Smokehouse friday night dinner 1 person $20.00 USD2 people $40.00 USD3 people $60.00 USD4 people $80.00 USD5 people $100.00 USD6 people $120.00 USD7 people $140.00 USD8 people $160.00 USD  

Hands on Judaism for Adults

Israel Movie Nights


BSBI is proud to host the 92nd Street Y Live Broadcast program in Charleston for the first time.  Join us for six programs that will educate, enlighten, and even entertain.  We will be hearing from world class lecturers in a variety of fields on truly engaging topics.  This program is free and open to the public.  Following the program there will a presentation from local
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