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Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Hanoch Teller

    Hanoch Teller Dinner Tickets 1 Ticket $15.00 USD 2 Tickets $30.00 USD 3 Tickets $45.00 USD Family Cap $60.00 USD

Passover Schedule 5774/2014

Please click here to download the Chametz Form. Shabbat, April 12 (Shabbat haGadol) Shacharit                                 9:00 am Mincha/Ma’ariv                       7:00 pm Havdalah                                 8:25 pm Sunday, April 13 Shacharit                                  8:00 am Mincha/Ma’ariv              
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Pre Passover Scholar in Residence: Hesh Epstein

Click Here to Purchase Tickets for Friday Night Dinner with Rabbi Hesh Epstein. $15 per person with a $60 family cap.

Purim at BSBI

Dear Friends,   When the Temple stood in Jerusalem, it was a unifying force for all Jews.  Sadly, when the Temple was destroyed, the Jewish people in exile were not only physically dispersed but were also alienated from each other.  Thus we find in the beginning of Megilat Esther the Jewish people described as “mefuzar ve’mefurad,” scattered and dispersed. This is not a compliment,
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Simcha Leiner at BSBI

Simcha Leiner Dinner Tickets 1 Adult $12.00 USD 2 Adults $24.00 USD 1 Child $7.00 USD 2 Children $14.00 USD Family Cap $35.00 USD

Passover Seder

Click Here to Purchase Tickets for Passover Seder.

Purim on the Yacht

The REMEMBER Program’s Proclamations to commemorate the Holocaust

Please email or call 614-6497 and let us know which meeting(s) you can attend. Our goal is to have at least 10-15 representatives of the Jewish community at each meeting. Please help spread the word. Please join the facebook event.

Moroccan Themed Shabbat Dinner – February 14th

Number Attending 1 person $10.00 USD 2 people $20.00 USD 3 people $30.00 USD